Book Cover Wars

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Gilbert CopiesCover Wars: The U.S. vs. the UK

I’m always a little fascinated at how different countries chose entirely different cover art for the same book.  On rare occasions there can be copyright restrictions that prohibit selling a cover overseas so a new one must be made…. But usually it is simply a matter of the marketing departments thinking they know their national audience best, and want a custom-made cover.

Compare these two images for Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book. Both covers are lovely, but the U.S. version (on the left) has a delicate, antique feel, while I’m not sure what the vivid, almost stress-inducing color scheme of the U.K. version is trying to convey.

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With Every Breath

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With Every Breath_NewMy next novel is on the way!

So….with about four months until my next novel hits the stores, I’m thrilled to debut the cover!

Here is the blurb:

Washington D.C., 1891.

In the shadow of the nation’s capital, Kate Livingston has a respectable job as a government statistician when she encounters a rival from her past, the insufferable Trevor McDonough. A Harvard-trained physician, Trevor never showed the tiniest flicker of interest in Kate, so why did he track her down after more than ten years apart to recruit her onto his medical team? In a daring move, Kate agrees to Trevor’s risky proposal to work side-by-side in a quest to rid the world of tuberculosis, a disease so deadly it could kill anyone coming too close.

As Kate begins to unlock the mysteries of Trevor’s past, she begins falling in love with this fascinating man…but she soon learns his terrible secret. Meanwhile, a while a shadowy enemy lurks in the background, threatening to destroy everything they hold dear.

A story of courage and betrayal, triumph and redemption, Kate and Trevor will risk everything to overcome the barriers between them.

Look for it August 1.