With Every Breath on Pinterest

Elizabeth Camden My Novels 1 Comment

Casualty1900The release of With Every Breath is less than a month away!  I’ve put together a Pinterest page that provides a bit of a glimpse into the tone and topic of the book.

I’m thrilled to bits about the upcoming release. I think With Every Breath is my most heart-wrenching and romantic book to date.  Its about two childhood rivals who meet again as adults, and find to their mutual surprise that they are perfect for one another. Kate is a bright, brilliant, and funny statistician, while Trevor is a difficult, gloomy, but altogether heroic physician. Together they are unstoppable.

Look for it everywhere August 5 (although for some odd reason, the e-version releases on July 29.)

(The photo above is from a terrific BBC series called Casaualty 1900. I loved the Victorian hospital setting, and thought this guy really looks like how I envision the darkly tormented Dr. Trevor McDonough.)