Redeeming Love

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redeemingloveCan Redeeming Love be made into a movie?

It’s going to be tough, but apparently after decades of reluctance, Francine Rivers has given her approval for a movie.  She’s always been reluctant because she feared surrendering such a sensitive book into the hands of others, but apparently she has found the right partners with Cantinas Entertainment, who will soon begin developing a script and casting for a movie, which will likely be made for television.

I can understand Ms. Rivers’ reluctance. Redeeming Love is a powerful, gritty, and difficult experience even to read….it will be hard to translate this subject onto the screen. I have to admit a touch of reluctant skepticism. I am not sure there has ever been a novel that tackles the themes of self-loathing, despair, and ultimately a shining, glorious redemption so beautifully. My hunch is that this is easier to do via the pages of a novel than on film,  but I’m willing to be convinced.

The fact remains that television and the cinema reach more people than novels. If Redeeming Love finds a new audience through this movie, that is all to the good! I wish this project well, and will keep folks updated as more information is released.

Why Doctors Make Great Romantic Leads

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Doctors make great heroes.  Hawkeye from M*A*S*H; Richard Chamberlain as Dr. Kildare, and who can forget George Clooney from ER.

I think doctors have a couple of credentials that make them automatic hero material.  It is a given that they are intelligent.  It is safe to assume they are also calm under pressure, have a certain measure of empathy, and oh yeah, they are probably financially secure.  All this adds up to the raw potential to be fabulous hero material.

Dare I say that such sterling qualities can sometimes be a little bland?  This is why if you scratch the surface of most fictional doctors you’ll find plenty of neuroses and obsessions.  Dr. House is a misanthropic narcissist, Hawkeye was a rampant womanizer, and Dr. Jekyll, well….he had lots of problems.  We tend to give physicians a pass because of the heroic, difficult jobs they do….. combine this with a couple of weird fixations, and you’ve got the makings for a great leading man.

So, Trevor McDonough, anyone?   The physician hero in With Every Breath is a man of stunning heroism, a brilliant mind, and smoking-hot good looks.  His problems?  They are legion!  He’s shy, prickly, and possibly the most competitive man ever born.  Given that the heroine is friendly, outgoing, and also massively competitive; the stage was set for the sparks to fly.

I like the storyline of the troubled physician.  Those who are in contact with life-and-death situations are under devastating stress, so is it any wonder that sometimes they succumb to human failings?  The duel of conflicting forces: compassion and intelligence vs. moody human failings was too much for me to resist.

Has anyone been watching The Knick on Starz?  Clive Owen plays an amazing Victorian-era doctor who battles various addictions and oddities, but nevertheless remains utterly fascinating. Even with the terrible mustache, I can’t take my eyes off of him.


Who Remembers Poldark?

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New PoldarkWho Remembers Poldark?

I was a huge fan of the BBC mini-series back in the 1970’s. It was a fantastic, stormy, moody romantic period drama that probably launched my interest in the genre. The production values weren’t terrific and it hasn’t aged terribly well, but a NEW Poldark is in the works.

And what happened to the original Ross Poldark? Robin Ellis has retired to France, where he lives in an old manor house and maintains a lively blog of his rustic cooking and his many cats. I’m glad to see he will have a couple of cameo appearances in the new BBC version, which will air sometime in late 2015.

For your viewing pleasure, I have attached a picture of Aidan Turner, the new actor portraying Ross Poldark.