The Rose of Winslow Street nominated for Best Cover

Elizabeth Camden The Rose of Winslow Street 3 Comments

Every year I look forward to the Cover Café’s poll for best romance novel covers. I am thrilled to see that The Rose of Winslow Street is in contention for best cover in the Historical category. (woo-hoo!) I am really blessed to have Jennifer Parker as my fantastic cover designer.

Those of you who were reading romance back in the 1980’s probably remember the terrible covers we had to endure. This was before online book shopping spared us the embarrassment of teenaged clerks sneering at us as they rang up books graced with Fabio in all his mighty glory. The content of these books were so much better than the cheesy covers. In my opinion, such covers did massive disservice to the industry and the readers who enjoyed the books. There are still some over-the-top covers today, but for the most part, book covers have gotten much classier.

The winner of each category is selected by popular vote, so feel free to make your voice heard.

There are losts of categories to browse and vote! The 2012 Annual Cover Contest.

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  1. Pam K.

    When I first saw the cover of The Rose of Winslow Street, I knew I had to read it, just because the cover was so lovely. After I had the book and read it, I found the story to be wonderful as well. I might not have read it if I hadn’t been attracted to the beautiful cover.
    I’m glad it is a contender for best cover. I think I’ll go vote now! I hope you win!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks Anne and Pam! Pam…. thanks for picking up an unknown author, even if it was only for the cover! I’m really lucky to be at Bethany House, where they consistently turn out great covers.

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