A Prequel for Downton Abbey? Yes, Please!

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I hear rumor that a prequel is in the works for Downton Abbey! It will feature the courtship of Cora and Martin, and is being written by the original screenwriter for the series, the masterful Julian Fellows.

I’m not normally a fan of prequels, as the viewer already knows where the story is headed, but I CAN’T WAIT for this one! We already know from the mini-series that Martin married Cora for her fortune, but that she was desperately in love when she married him. This has all the makings for a terrific story. I am especially excited about the costuming. I write most of my novels set in the 1880’s and 90’s for the shallow reason that this was the best era for fashion!

A pair of younger actors will be cast in the leading role, but the filming will once again take place at the magnificent house (Highclere Abbey in real life). The series will not air until the current Downton Abbey runs its course. Let the countdown begin!

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