Mary Ann or Ginger?

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If you are of a certain generation, that phrase needs no explanation.  For those who were born after 1980 or so, perhaps it does.  Gilligan’s Island was a popular sitcom back in the 60’s and 70’s, before the typical household had 300 television channels to choose from.  The show featured two pop culture icons who were polar opposites of each other.  

Ginger was the bombshell sex goddess.  Brazenly gorgeous, she oozed sex appeal as she slithered through her scenes with a knock out figure, dazzling repartee, and a promise of unabashed sexuality.  In contrast, Mary Ann was the homespun farm girl with her hair in pigtails.  Low-maintenance and non threatening, it is said that Mary Ann was preferred three to one by men surveyed on the topic.

I’ve always been partial to Mary Ann, simply because I could never carry the Ginger attitude off.  Besides, I think Ginger always seemed like someone who would come to a bad end in a James Bond movie.

In the fictional world of Romancelandia, Mary Ann is also the hand-down winner.  I don’t see many heroines modeled after the sex kitten. It simply isn’t something most women aspire to.  It might be fun to look like Ginger for a day, but I don’t think many women would want to walk in her shoes for a lifetime.

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