Come back, Heathcliff!

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Come back, Heathcliff!

I think there is something intensely appealing about Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, even though I’ve never been a big fan of the novel. I am pretty intensely committed to a happily-ever-after, and Heathcliff was a portrait of a self-destructive man whose bitterness ultimately overwhelms him.

And yet…..

I think there is a streak inside a lot of women who long for the idea of the helpless and enduring love Heathcliff has for Cathy. He is not a nice-guy hero. He is stormy, dark, and turbulent…. perfect reading for a blustery autumn day. In real life I would cross the street to avoid someone like Heathcliff, but in a guilty pleasure of a novel? There is a reason Wuthering Heights has an enduring appeal, and his name is Heathcliff.

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  1. Sandra Lee

    I could not agree with you more!

    For everything Heathcliff is… destructive, imbittered, and sad… it is what makes him such a great character.

    Have you seen the version with Tom Hardy (2009)?

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  3. Lis

    There is something about WH that I just don’t understand. I’m not sure if it’s the way the book is laid out, that the heroine dies in the middle of the book, or that Heathcliff is just soooo…not sure what. My friend blames Heathcliff for causing all the problems in the novel but I blame Catherine! Anyway, there was another recent WH British version with an African-American actor as Heathcliff. It was very artsy and spent more time with Heathcliff and Catherine as children. Not sure if I’d recommend it unless you really liked the book and wanted to see a different version of it.

  4. Susan P

    This is exactly how I feel about WH! I haven’t seen the movie either – for the same reason. Lovely post, worded perfectly. 🙂

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  6. Sandra Lee

    I thought he did a very good job and he’s not too bad on the eyes either.

    For me, with him in the lead, it made this old, well-known story current.

    BTW, I can not tell you enough how much I have enjoyed all of your books, especially ‘Against the Tide’.

    Lydia’s withdraw was so raw and painful. The humor you infused with Alexander was wonderful.

    I rate this book at the top of my favorites!

  7. Elizabeth

    Thanks Sandra….. for someone with chronic insecurity about my writing, I love hearing it! I was sorry to put Lydia through such a hard time, but the endings are always sweeter if the heroine really earns it!

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