Thanks Bane!

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Thanks Bane!

Awards season for the book world has recently wrapped up, and Against the Tide fared very well! I am thrilled to announce it has won the following awards:

* The Rita award from the Romance Writers of America
* The Christy Award for Historical Romance
* The Daphne Du Maurier award for Inspirational Mystery/Suspense

I have no doubt the success of Against the Tide was carried entirely by the character of Bane. I loved writing about the lethally dangerous but charming spy with his cold, angelic good looks.

I was tickled when I noticed some bloggers posting pictures of what they imagined Bane looked like. Here are a handful of pictures I saw on the web that other bloggers posted for their “fantasy casting” of who they think Bane looks like:

All worthy candidates! For the record, the guy in the tux, second from the left, is Alexander Skarsgard…the guy who was MY version of Bane.

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