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Into the Whirlwind is now available!

I’m thrilled to finally see it in stores, and should be available at all your favorite online and brick & mortar bookstores.

The advance word has been good. Publisher’s Weekly said it is “an emotion-filled romance to warm the soul.”

I’m really proud of this book. Although I put my characters through the wringer in this one, I hope readers have a wonderful, exhilarating time reading about a determined woman overcome the battles thrown in her path by the fire.

While I don’t think any of us would want to personally endure a catastrophe like the Chicago fire, this book will explore a love story that blends rich historical detail and characters who face the crisis with intelligence and an optimistic attitude.

My favorite novels make the reader feel like they’ve just made friends with a bunch of captivating people and are sorry to finish the last page. I hope this novel captures that quality.

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