Poldark Rides Again!

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Does anyone remember the fabulous BBC series from the 1970’s called Poldark? It was Downton Abbey before there was Downton Abbey. Stormy, turbulent, high drama, and heart-pounding romance, all set in 18th century Cornwall.

It’s coming back! The BBC just announced they will be filming a new version of the classic series.

I have mixed feelings about this. Most of the success of Poldark rested on the shoulders of Robin Ellis, the smoking-hot lead actor who carried the show. He simply WAS Ross Poldark, and it will be hard for anyone to follow in his footsteps. When they tried to film a continuation of the series in 1996, the producers refused to recast Robin Ellis (even though his autobiography reports he was very eager to do so.) An entirely new set of actors were cast, and it was a disaster. Loyal fans of the original series (appropriately dressed in 18th century costumes) picketed the company headquarters. Television ratings tanked, and the project was abandoned after the pilot episode.

Now that the original cast is too old to reprise their classic roles, perhaps people will be more open to a new cast. Also, almost forty years have passed, so there is an entirely new generations of viewers who will be able to watch the series with fresh eyes…although I secretly hope they offer Robin Ellis a cameo.

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  1. Anne Mateer

    I have heard so much over the years abou this series, and it sounds like one hubby and I would enjoy, so now I can’t decide whether to find and watch some of the original ones or wait for the new one so I don’t make comparisons and perhaps might enjoy it for itself! We’ll see!

  2. Elizabeth Camden

    Hi Anne! I hate to say it….but you might want to wait for the new one. As much as I ADORED the original, it has not aged terribly well. It has the feel of a 1970’s TV production with inexpensive interior sets, poor sound quality, and lower production values….but compared to everything else on TV, it was simply wonderful. I’m just glad the BBC is still around and willing to invest in good historical dramas!

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  4. naomi doudera

    Shouldn’t do remakes BBC should adapt Morland Dynasty by Cynthia harrod Eagles,

    BBC can’t improve upon a classic as Poldark 1 and 2 are.

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  6. Joy

    I really enjoy BBC’s miniseries adaptations. All of their Jane Austen’s are great- and I recently watched North & South and Cranford- both based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s books. They were also very good. (Who can beat Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton? 🙂 ) I think enough time has passed that a face-lift will be a good thing.

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