A GREAT Apology!

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Is there anyone on the planet who is not rooting for Linda to take him back? I have no idea what this guy did to be relegated to the doghouse, but his apology is perfect.

An apology must never involve the word “but”, as in, I’m sorry I threw a temper tantrum and broke your favorite coffee mug, but…..”

A word to the wise. If you are offering an apology, whether in real life or writing a romance novel, avoid the word “but” at all costs. It is poison to an apology.

Gary D. Chapman wrote a great book, The Five Languages of Apology in which he talks about the ways to deliver a perfect apology….which begins with accepting that you did something wrong, accept responsibility, and express genuine regret. I think Dr. Chapman would be proud of our anonymous van-painter.

I hope Linda takes him back.

Photo courtesy of the AP Press

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